Book Review: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan’s latest, The Lost Hero, was an exceptional installment in the saga of the Heroes of Camp Half-Blood. It’s a continuation of the events in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, taking place about 6 months after The Last Olympian ends. Some of the characters from the original series are back, though not in it as much as before–mainly to establish these new characters on their own. I’m happy that we don’t have just a copy-and-paste of Annabeth, Percy, and Grover, but rather compelling new characters. In fact, not one is really a main character, unlike before when Percy Jackson was the protagonist and the others were his sidekicks. We get many different points of view throughout.

Jason wakes up on the Wilderness Camp bus, holding the hand of a girl he’s never seen before, and sitting by a boy he’s never seen. Then, they begin telling him that the boy, Leo, is Jason’s best friend, and the girl, Piper, is his girlfriend. He has no memories at all. Then, the monsters attack.

This begins the journey of three friends, pulled forward by the machinations of a goddess, and they must decide whether they can trust her or not. A power greater than the Titans–recently defeated in New York by Percy Jackson and his demigod companion–is rising, threatening from the very Earth itself. Unfortunately, the best hope for the demigods, Percy Jackson, is missing. Now, Jason, Piper, and Leo must rescue a goddess, defeat the forces of Chaos, and discover the secret to Jason’s past, in order to prepare for their own defense.

While I liked The Red Pyramid, it’s clear that Rick Riordan is in his element with Greek mythology. I loved being back in Percy’s world, and the new storyline is actually broader in scope, able to encompass new characters, while fitting seamlessly into that which we’ve already read.

The Son of Neptune comes out in a year!


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