Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

This is a flawless, phenomenal film.

This is one of the few Stephen King books I have not read, and I love the movie. Paul Sheldon (James Caan), a bestselling novelist has just finished the final book in his series about Misery Chastain. He wants to put the series behind him, and has killed her off. After finishing the novel in a small hotel room in the mountains, he packs up the manuscript and drives toward New York. Unfortunately, as fate and Stephen King would have it, he drives straight into a blizzard and off the road. He comes to in bed with Annie Wilkes (the brilliant Kathy Bates) hovering over him.

She is his number one fan.

And she’s not pleased about what has happened to Misery.

She keeps him locked up, nearly crippled, for weeks, forcing him to rewrite the novel the right way. She loves him. He is desperate to escape. She won’t let that happen.

Kathy Bates stars in an Academy and Golden Globe Award winning role. She is subtle, frightening, at once the devoted, loving fan and the terrifying manic depressive who would rather die than allow her beloved writer to escape. James Caan truly carries the film with his determination to outwit his constant oppressor. The suspense is palpable and persistent, and I love it.

This is another of Stephen King’s well deserved installments on the top 100 modern classic film list.


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