Doctor Who, Series 6.3: “The Curse of the Black Spot” by Steve Thompson

**Warning! Here there be spoilers! DO NOT read ahead if you have not watched through Series 6, episode 3 of Doctor Who. If you have, or don’t care, read on, but don’t get mad…**

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land the TARDIS on a pirate ship that seems to be cursed. Whenever someone is wounded in any way, even a scratch condemns the scratched person to death. A siren, able to travel using any reflective surface as a portal, is searching for wounded crew members. She lures hem to her, and one by one the siren takes them. They discover that there is a rift between two universes centered on that ship.

The siren is actually a holographic nurse, keeping the sick people in stasis because she cannot heal them fully. Rory and most of the ship’s crew fall victim to the alien program, until Amy and the Doctor figure out that they need to unplug him from life support in order to save him.

We have the reappearance of Eye-Patch Lady who can open up windows through solid objects in order to peer at Amy–clearly observing her in some way. The Doctor reaffirms Amy’s inconsistent pregnancy, saying that he always worries about her.

This was a fun episode, with many witty lines, fun with being aboard a pirate ship, and lots of theorizing with subsequent cautions of, “Forget all my previous theories.” I can’t help feeling slightly let down–not because it was poor, because it was good. I think after the incredible hype and plot-heavy season openers, this did not further the plot any. I suppose we don’t need that in every episode, but it just felt like there was something missing, something to really hold us through to the next episode. But then, how do you follow a little girl, out of the blue, regenerating?

I can’t wait for the next episode, penned by Neil Gaiman, which looks terrifying and brilliant!

Favorite Quotes:

“That’s very efficient. If something’s gonna kill you, it’s good they drop you a note first.”

“You’re big on the gun thing. Freud would say you’re compensating for something. Have you met Freud? Comfy sofa…”

Previous episode: “Day of the Moon

Next episode: “The Doctor’s Wife


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