Graphic Novel Review: The Man Who Laughs (Batman)

I was not in love with The Man Who Laughs, though it was worth the read in the end.

I’m never a fan of Joker origin stories. I think the mystery is what makes him all the more sinister. However, this only supposes an origin. While this also echoes of the first Tim Burton Batman film, it was still interesting and eerie at the same time. I didn’t think that it covered radically new ground, but it was a fine Joker story.

“Made of Wood,” the second story collected here, is a Green Lantern crossover. I think it was better than the title story–a really compelling, not-so-average Batman mystery where he teams up with the Golden Age Green Lantern and Commissioner Gordon to solve a cold case.

However, the two stories don’t really seem to go together. It seems like they wanted to publish “The Man Who Laughs” in trade paperback form, but they couldn’t really think of what to put with it, so they randomly chose “Made of Wood.”

If you want a really terrifying Joker story, read A Death in the Family.


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