Graphic Novel: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues by Geoff Johns

Geoff JohnsThe Dastardly Death of the Rogues was pretty great! I loved the bright, sketch-style artwork, which is almost an echo of the Flash himself (although it changes at the end) as well as the story. It’s a mystery in time and space, as the Flash must solve a murder he’s been accused of–one that he’ll commit in the future. The Rogues from the future are after him, and this time they’re on the side of the law, with Barry on the run.

I loved this entire graphic novel from the artwork to the story. It was fast-paced, bringing in a sympathetic Captain Boomerang–completely unexpected–who seems to actually be trying to do the right thing. It brings in a really interesting idea which, along with its connections to Brightest Day I have a feeling, will bring about the events of Flashpoint and the New 52.  It deals with the twisty nature of time and space in an accessible, unique way, offering an engaging tale.

The Fastest Man Alive must solve the murder of one of his greatest villains and protect his other foes from an elusive killer in this hardcover pulled from THE FLASH #1-6 and THE FLASH SECRET FILES 2010!

Racing out of BLACKEST NIGHT, The Flash returns to his life in Central City – but when one of his Rogues Gallery of foes turns up murdered under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to The Fastest Man Alive to solve this bizarre crime and protect those who are targeted by the elusive killer.


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