Graphic Novel Review: Nightwing Year One

Nightwing Year One was a good story, though it didn’t blow me away. It does a great job of setting up Dick Grayson‘s departure from his partnership with Batman and setting out on his own to discover who he is as a superhero. It’s filled with Nightwing‘s trademarked one-liners, trash-talking while kicking butt. We delve into some different aspects of Dick’s past, informing his decisions and the way he fights.

I’m looking forward to digging into some more Nightwing volumes in the future, and this gave some good setup for it, as well as his relationship with Batgirl and the greater DC Universe.

This graphic novel recounts the coming-of-age of Batman’s sidekick Dick Grayson as he makes the transition from child to adult and from Robin to Nightwing. When he is fired for neglecting his duties, he first seeks guidance from Superman and then solace in his former life as a circus performer. Meanwhile, Batman is training a new Robin to take his place. Eventually an exercise gone wrong brings the two Robins together, and they must put aside their rivalry in order to rescue Alfred after he is mistakenly identified as Two Face. This story is mainly about the struggle of a young man trying to establish his own identity, and his attempt to define himself as his own superhero will appeal to teens. (Via


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