Graphic Novel Reviews: The Superman New Krypton Arc, part 1

I’ve wanted to read through the New Krypton story arc  for awhile now. I started with Geoff JohnsBrainiac, but I’ll likely go back and read a few others that come before that. My reviews will be short and (hopefully) sweet.


Before he came to Earth, the people of Superman’s home planet Krypton had battled Brainiac, a cold and callous alien obsessed with the control of knowledge. Now Brainiac has set his sights on destroying Earth and finishing off the Last Son of Krypton once and for all. This epic battle will change Superman’s world forever. (Via Goodreads)

While there are a few parts that drag here, overall I rather enjoyed this story. Superman battles Brainiac, one of his greatest villains. Like the Borg, Brainiac travels through the universe collecting specimens to add to his collection of knowledge. Brainiac now has decided to go after Earth. It ends tragically, which I think is good for Superman–the boy scout–who needs a bit of difficulty in his life.

New Krypton, Vol. 1

After a devastating battle with the alien villain Brainiac, The Man of Steel learns that a piece of his home planet Krypton survived – the shrunken, bottled city of Kandor! And when the city is grown to normal size, it looks like Superman finally has the connection to his past he’s been missing all his life as thousands of Kryptonians are suddenly able to walk the Earth. But his happiness soon turns to dread as relations between the Kryptonians and humans dissolve, and the two cultures face a massive clash!

This was good! The first few Jimmy Olsen segments made me wonder where it was going, but it eventually came out, though I think it could have been a bit tighter, with less digression. However, when we got to the key part addressing Superman dealing with the New Kryptonians, things began to gel and we see an overbalance–in a good way.

The problem with Superman is that he’s nearly invincible. Now we have 100,000 nearly invincible Kryptonians. They seem good now, but what if they decide to subjugate Earth–no one could stop them. This is an interesting premise which I’m excited to continue reading about.

Geoff Johns is responsible for it, so had no choice but to keep reading!

New Krypton, Vol. 2

After a long-lost section of Krypton is miraculously resurrected on Earth, The Man of Steel greets thousands of Kryptonians who are suddenly able to walk among humans. But a jarring culture clash destroys relations between the two species and violence erupts! Soon, the government’s own anti-Kryptonian team sets out to dispatch the erupting conflict and the entire Superman family is affected!

Similar to volume one, this explores the idea of a completely shifted balance of power now that there are 100,000 supermen on Earth. This is complicated by the fact that some of them are family, potentially causing a rift between Kal and Kara. Kara’s family is on New Krypton, and they have very distinct ideas about the way in which they’ll go about restarting the Kryptonian civilization. They won’t be as benevolent to Earth as

It also explores justice: should they just wipe out their enemies because they can? Where is the line?

See Part 2


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