Film Review: Jack Reacher


Jack Reacher was a great, exciting film that’s true to the spirit of the books. Despite not being giant in stature, Tom Cruise lives up to the metaphorical hulk that is Jack Reacher.


A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. [via IMDb]

I’ve not gotten to One Shot, the novel by Lee Child from which this film was adapted, so I can’t speak to the way that the plot was adapted, but my dad says it was fairly close. Regardless, the Tom Cruise plays a wonderful duality of conflicted and confident as Jack Reacher, who is simply out for the truth, not necessarily traditional justice. There’s a great amount of criticism throughout the film of Reacher’s own brand of life–fully off the grid and nomadic. They question his lifestyle and his sanity, yet he’s a man who is without debt and without ties straining him. Yes, he’s also regularly embroiled in life or death struggles as he roams about the nation, just trying to see what he spent his life in the military defending. However, he makes his own choices and tries to do the right thing. It’s also not fully debated that the right thing is only what he determines it to be. He is his own moral authority, which can easily be a dangerous thing.

There are only two things I’d like from this film: for Werner Herzog’s villain has more life to him–he’s too enigmatic and just fades into the background–and for Reacher’s lack of emotional ties to become a real issue. I don’t know how much the book series deals with it, but I think that it’s something that the series should contend with at some point.

Despite that, the film is littered with great moments, solid fight sequences, touches of humor, and a nice depth of emotion delivered by the great Tom Cruise. Read the book and enjoy the film.


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