The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special News


All I can say is that, with this year being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I’m more and more excited about the news coming out of the BBC. Here are just a few things that have me ready and rearing to go:

David Tennant’s return as the 10th Doctor. That’s right. You can all dance around delightedly (not that I did any such thing when I heard the news…). This was hoped for by (almost) all. He’s my favorite Doctor, followed closely by Smith‘s 11th Doctor, who has endeared himself to me right from the beginning. I can’t wait to see how this’ll work, and I hope that it’s more interesting than having the Doctor’s human doppelganger return.


However, that is another easy way to bring Billie Piper into the mix. It wasn’t long ago that Billie Piper had stated that no one had asked her to join the anniversary special, but it seems that the BBC had to rectify that ghastly oversight. I just want to have her there to remind everyone who the Doctor’s greatest companion is. Really the only person who could top this off is John Barrowman’s return as Captain Jack Harkness, but that doesn’t seem too likely. Despite my initial dislike of Martha Jones (really just because she has the disadvantage of being placed after Rose Tyler), I’d love to see her return with Mickey in some fashion, saving the universe as they’re no doubt doing.

I think that this is a solid opportunity to have all the other living Doctors appear in some fashion, though of course some of them have aged to look so much different than they did when they portrayed the immortal Time Lord. Despite their denials, some could still do it, like Christopher Eccleston and Sylvester McCoy, who still could pull it off. Even Peter Davison might be able to do it, though he’s looking a bit different and has denied as well. The Bakers–Tom and Colin–however, can’t really do it any more, and I suspect that any CG trickery would be both too expensive and might possibly be too cheesy to work well, but here’s hoping! Finally, I think it would be perfect to bring in David Bradley as the First Doctor–as he’s currently portraying William Hartnell in the TV movie An Adventure in Space and Time. I know it’s not exactly canon, but come on, why miss a such an opportunity?

Will all of my hopes that there will be cameos and references enough to choke a rabid fan, I hope that they don’t lose the opportunity to tell an excellent story. I hope it isn’t just a bunch of references tied together by a thin thread of a story. Despite my love of John Simm, I hope they don’t bring the Master back just because they can…that might be one reference too many, though I predict a whole mess of Daleks. This shouldn’t simply be a nostalgic mess, but a well-crafted story does the hype justice.


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