Broadchurch, Episode 1

Broadchurch, Episode 1:

The short and sweet: I love seeing David Tennant again, even though this isn’t nearly as light a show or role as the Doctor. It’s just dark all the way through. It draws you in, though, and you just need to keep going. He’s so conflicted and tense, and at this point we only have a touch of his backstory, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I’ve only seen Olivia Coleman in comedic roles until this point, but she’s defying my expectations thus far. It actually refreshing to see her this way, and as she finds herself dramatically her character is figuring out how to be a new kind of cop, dealing with a murder for the first time.

I have my suspicions as to the killer now, but of course I don’t know if it’s just who they want me to suspect, and clearly there are too many unanswered questions to actually come up with an accurate theory. More and more people seem suspicious.

I’m curiouser and curiouser to discover how Arthur Darvill, David Bradley, and others in the supporting cast will complexify (yes, I said it) this mystery.

P.S. Britain: you are beautiful!


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